Friday, February 22, 2013

Mental Illness: Shine On

In accordance with NAMI, The First Five Pages Publications is collecting short stories and poems dealing with mental illness to inform, educate and bring hope to sufferers, friends and family. The objective is to reduce stigma and help others understand the challenges. All proceeds are donated directly to NAMI. If you're interested in submitting or have friends, family or colleagues who are interested in submitting, please contact us at To learn more about NAMI
and their work, visit

Friday, January 25, 2013

Taking Submissions

As January 2013, First Five Pages Publications is accepting submissions for the young adult fantasy fiction genre.

We are looking for authors interested in having their work published through our traditional independent publishing service. The fees listed for services on this website are not the fees associated with the traditional publishing services. These fees are for self-publishing services ONLY.

Our basic traditional services are offered on a contractual basis and have no associated fees except for a one-time contract fee of $50.

There are no submission or reading fees.

Use the Submissions tab above to send your information. Please allow 6-8 weeks for a response.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Mission

It isn't news to anyone that the book publishing world has changed significantly with the rise of ebook readers and digital availability. In addition, a new way of getting published has also materialized: self-publishing. We at The First Five Pages seek to serve those who are self-publishing their work.

Sure you could sign with a small press, but they're going to take a percentage of your book royalties and offer little to no marketing or promotions. "That's generally up to the author," a representative once told me.Why do we think this is unfair? Because they don't offer the one thing that sells your book: Marketing. You can put a book in the sea of over two million copies pouring onto the digital and brick-and-mortar shelves, but unless people know it's there it isn't going to sell.

After studying the market intensively for over a year I've come to notice two things about the most successful self-publishers. First, they hire experienced freelance editors for their manuscripts and high-quality graphic artists for their book covers. Second, they write lots of books.

According to one website who reports on a study they found, "The Top Earners group spent more time writing than they did marketing, and those in the group who spent the least time marketing were making the most money. Out of all respondents, those who spent the most time marketing earned the least."
ePublish a Book (

Why is this? It's not because they were marketing. This doesn't mean marketing is not important, it the single most crucial component. The reason these top earners have made it big is because the more books you have available, the more choices a reader has and the more likely they are to find something they think they will enjoy. Author John Locke, who made a $1 million on amazon sales for his books, tells us the single most effective marketing tactic is to write a lot of books. The key is to have many titles available. The smartest thing you can do as a writer is to write like mad. The next smartest thing you can do is hire someone to take care of all the marketing for you.

Don't waste your time hunting decent cover artists or an experienced editor. Don't meander over a sub-par press release and spend hours figuring out where to send it. Don't spend your leisure time sending emails to get people to review your work or showcase it on their blogs. Let us take care of those things so you can churn out those literary perfections.

Their research also found that "Respondents who paid professionals for services like story-editing, copyediting (sic) and proofreading earned on average 13% more than those who didn’t. Hiring a professional cover designer earned them, on average, 18% more."
ePublish a Book (

That is a significant increase! Over the last year we've worked with many authors, artists, bloggers and readers to put together the best packages your money can buy. We've spend day after day investigating, researching and asking the tough questions to put together media that are effective in not only increasing exposure of your work, but generating sales for your book.We provide you with every service you will need to make your self-published book a top-seller. All you need to do is write.

Book Editing
Book Cover Design
Book Trailer
ISBN & eBook Distribution
Paperback Copies
Virtual Book Tour
Press Release and Targeted Distribution
Targeted Giveaways
Social Media/Website setup
Audio Book Conversion

You can choose individual services from our Mix & Match Menu or choose one of the packages. Packaging services saves you an average of $343.00. We offer an Extreme Package, a Premium Package and a Basic Package.

The First Five Pages Publications is a family-owned service provider. We operate as a Single-Member Limited Liability Company (LLC) and have a Employer Identification Number (EIN) issued through the State of Vermont.