Detailed Services

Book cover Image
Book cover images are provided by in-house staff or commissioned artists. If you have an idea of what you want your book cover to look like, what information you want on it and/or any non-traditional items you'd like added to it, we can certainly work with you on it. You'll talk directly with your selected cover artist unless otherwise requested by you. All cover images are subject to be included in the artist's online or print portfolios.

Editing Services
Editing prices are subject to additional fees when exceeding 50,000 words. Only manuscripts in MS Word are accepted. We will fully format your manuscript according to smashwords and createspace guidelines. All manuscripts are edited by no less than two editors.

Book Trailers
Prices for book trailers are subject to additional fees when artwork, images, video clips, music, sound effects and other artistic materials need to be purchased. If you have an idea of what you want your book trailer to be like, we'll be happy to make it happen according to your specifications.

ISBN & eBook Conversion
In order to receive an ISBN, you must purchase the eBook Conversion option. We will upload your manusript to and These suppliers will then distribute your work to many locations online.

Paperback Copies
We we purchase the first 100 copies of your book for you to sell to bookstores, libraries and any other location of your choosing. Your books will be shipped to your address in ten business days. Afterward, you'll be able to purchase your paperback books from Createspace for around $3.00, give or take according to your page count and trim size.

Virtual Book Tour
A Virtual Book Tour is an online version of a book tour. We will sign you and your books up to appear on various websites that are literary based and help to promote authors. This option requires more work on your part. Some websites will request a guest blog post. YOu'll be responsible for providing these when requested. We suggest you choose topics related to your genre. We can help you find a topic when requested. You'll also be responsible for providing answers to written interview questions that may appear on these sites. The First Five Pages Publications Book Tours will have you on no less than twenty blogs. The number of interviews and guest posts will vary according to the availability the websites have for us.

Press Release and Targeted Distribution
The First Five Pages Publications will provide you with a written press release that you are free to share. We will also send your press release to targeted newspapers, magazines and literary contacts.

Targeted Giveaways
Giving your book away is a good way to get your work in front of new readers, however, this needs to be done strategically. We will target individuals, groups and readers that we feel will be the best fit for a free copy of your book. We will provide you with the first five paperback copies to give away at your leisure and, of course, you can give away as many ebook copies as you desire.

The First Five Pages will provide you with a graphically designed bookmark image and will give you the first 100 prints. You can purchase additional bookmarks through us at $50 for 100 prints or we can provide you with your designed bookmark files so you may purchase your bookmarks from a third-party of your choice.

Social Media and Website/Blog Setup, Including Banners and Share Buttons
The First Five Pages Publications will set up a Facebook page, Myspace page and Twitter account for your book. We will also set up a website and blog for you. This will include all graphic design, banners and share buttons. You will be responsible for the maintenance of these sites after the initial setup.

Conversion to Audiobook
Your book will be read by an experienced female reader and converted to audiobook.

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