Mix and Match

Listed below are the services provided by The First Five Pages Publications. For detailed descriptions of these services, visit our Detailed Services page here.

*Book Cover Image
$200 Value
You Pay: $100

**Editing Services

Book Trailer
$150 Value
You Pay: $100 + cost of images and/or video clips

FREE with purchase of any item.

eBook Conversion and distribution to the following etailers:
Page Foundry
Baker-Taylor's Blio
Baker-Taylor's Axis360
Library Direct
FREE with purchase of any item.

Paperback Copies (x100)
$799 Value
You Pay: $500

Virtual Book Tour

Press Release and Targeted Distribution

Targeted Giveaways

****Bookmarks (x100) - Designed and Printed

Social Media and Website/blog setup
$1500 Value
You Pay: $500

Audiobook Conversion
$500 Value
You Pay: $100

To Purchase any of these services, fill out the form on the Contact Us page here. Be sure to tell us which services you're interested in receiving.

 * This price plus the cost of images, artwork or other digital materials needed. This service may be outsourced to reputable cover artist and may be above or below the $100 rate depending on difficulty.
** This service may be outsourced to reputable freelance editors and may be above or below $0.01/per word. "Word count" is the words counted by the word count function in MS Word.
*** Purchase of ISBN must come with eBook Conversion at eBook Conversion rate. We do not supply ISBNs without eBook conversion.
**** Bookmark designs may be outsourced to reputable artist and may cost above or below the listed price depending on difficulty.

Some or all services might be outsourced to credible artists, editors, photographers and/or cinematographers. Some prices are starting prices and may require additional fees if rights to images, artwork and/or clips needs to be purchased.

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